Consolidated Companies

Consolidated Services Limited — incorporated in 1983 to provide clients whose chosen jurisdiction is Bermuda with a range of corporate services, including cash management, consultancy, advisory, accounting and corporate administration. Clients whose chosen jurisdiction is the BVI or elsewhere are served by Consolidated Corporate Services (BVI) Ltd., which was incorporated in 1990.

Consolidated Fund Services Limited — regulated by the Bermuda Monetary Authority, provides a wide range of corporate and accounting services to investment funds or other collective investment scheme clients in a multitude of jurisdictions.  We also provide share registrar services, investor communications, and regulatory compliance.

Consolidated Insurance Management — is licensed under The Insurance Act, 1978, to provide management services to insurance companies in Bermuda.


The Consolidated Group of Companies (Consolidated) was formed in 1983 and is an independent group of management companies. Consolidated's headquarters, "Par-la-Ville Place", is in a modern building that it co-owns, in the city of Hamilton.


Consolidated offers commercial and administrative expertise to a varied, international client base that includes investment, shipping, insurance and mutual funds, both private and publicly quoted. The group's extensive range of services starts with pre-incorporation advice and includes hands-on business management, as required.

Typically, Consolidated provides the registered office, directors and officers, corporate secretarial services and records management. The group also offers accounting, cash management and business administration services and will serve as liaison with the government, banks, legal and audit firms in Bermuda and overseas, as necessary. Consolidated is flexible in meeting clients' needs and vigilant about satisfying the requirements of international regulatory authorities.